Our Route (Update)

Our original route took us through Iran and into Turkmenistan and from there Uzbekistan and onwards to Mongolia through the other Stans and returning through Russia.  For a variety of reasons (all speculative as the real reason is unknown) we did not get the authorisation code for Iran and so we needed to decide on a different route.

There were two options open to us.  The first was to get to Azerbaijan via Georgia and then take the ferry across the Caspian Sea to Turkmenistan and from there follow our original route.  The second was to go to Russia via Georgia and from there to Kazakhstan and then Uzbekistan to pick up our original route.

We got an Azerbaijani visa before leaving home as there was always a possibility that we wouldn't get the Iranian code.  But the problem we had with this option was we would need to spend time doing other 'stuff' as the Turkmenistan Letter of Invitation (LOI) was for 29th July as we had intended spending 20 days exploring Iran.  Our Uzbekistan visa also was based on going through Iran so our timings were seriously affected through the loss of the Iran leg of our route.

Whilst in Turkey we looked at alternative options one of which was to enter Russia then go through Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan.  While in Istanbul we went to the Kazakhstan Embassy and managed to change our single entry visa for a multiple entry one which ensured we had the alternate route available.  We decided to delay making the final decision on our route until we reached Tbilisi since this was the common start point for either route.

After some consideration of the two options and the date constraints we decided to drive into Russia and through Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan mainly because we would need to wait until the 29th July before being able to cross into Turkmenistan and no matter how we looked at it we couldn't find anything to do for 10 days once we arrived in Azerbaijan or even 10 days in Georgia to be honest. So, decision made and Russia it is.

The following chart is an update of the original one posted and gives our starting place and destination with the approximate distance between places.  The date is when we leave wherever it is we are at. (includes updates on our travels to date).

DateDistance (Miles)
Home to Dover 06/06/2015 132
Calais to Reims, France 168
Reims, France to Berne, Switzerland 07/06/2015 336
Berne, Switzerland to Milan, Italy 08/06/2015 201
Milan to Venice 10/06/2015 171
Venice, Italy to Vienna, Austria 12/06/2015 380
Vienna, Austria to Budapest, Hungary 14/06/2015 152
Budapest, Hungary to Bucharest, Romania 16/06/2015 513
O/N stop Deva 17/06/2015
Bucharest, Romania to Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 19/06/2015 113
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria to Edirne, Turkey 24/06/2015 165
Edirne to Istanbul 25/06/2015 149
Istanbul to Gallipoli 30/06/2015 171
Gallipoli to Kilitbahir then Canakkale (Ferry) 31
Canakkale to Ephesus (via Troy) 01/07/2015 226
Ephesus to Oludinez 03/07/2015 184
Oludinez to Goreme (Dilek Camping - Muze Rd) 05/07/2015 451
O/N stop Isparta 06/07/2015
O/N stop Konya 07/07/2015
Goreme to Batumi Georgia 09/07/2015 544
O/N stop Zara 10/07/2015
O/N stop Bayburt 11/07/2015
Batumi to Tbilsi 12/07/2015 226
Tbilsi to Stepantsminda 18/07/2015 91
Stepantsminda Georgia to Vladikavkaz Russia 20/07/2015 29
Vladikavkaz to Stavropol 21/07/2015 244
Stavropol to Elista 22/07/2015 184
Elista to Astrakan 23/07/2015 198
Astrakan, Russia to Atyrau, Kazakhstan 24/07/2015 226
Atyrau, Kazakhstan to Tashkent Uzbekistan 25/07/2015 1341
Tashkent to Samarkand 06/08/2015 189
Samarkand to Navoi 08/08/2015 104
Navoi to Khiva 09/08/2015 332
Khiva to Bukhara 11/08/2015 279
Bukhara to Denau 13/08/2015 272
Denau, Uzbekistan to Dushanbe, Tajikistan 14/08/2015 69
Dushanbe to Khorog, Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province 15/08/2015 328
Khorog, Tajikistan to Osh, Kyrgyzstan 18/08/2015 454
Osh to Bishkek 23/08/2015 378
Bishkek to Almaty, Kazakhstan (again!) 26/08/2015 144
Almaty to Semey 28/08/2015 714
Semey,Kazakhstan to Barnaul, Russia (again!) 02/09/2015 289
Barnaul to Kosh-Agach 03/09/2015 428
Kosh-Agach, Russia to Ulgii, Mongolia 06/09/2015 108
Bayan-Ulgii to Ulanbataar 07/09/2015 1049
Ulanbataar to Altanbulag 19/09/2015 216
Altanbulag, Mongolia to Ulan-Ude, Russia (for a 3rd time!) 21/09/2015 147
Ulan-Ude to Irkutsk 22/09/2015 286
Irtutsk to  Novosibirsk 24/09/2015 1156
Novosibirsk to Omsk 29/09/2015 408
Omsk to Tyumen 30/09/2015 354
Tyumen to Perm 02/10/2015 523
Perm to Nizhny Novgorod 05/10/2015 629
Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow 07/10/2015 296
Moscow to St Petersburg 11/10/2015 523
St Petersburg, Russia to Tallinn, Estonia 14/10/2015 238
Tallinn to Tartu 16/10/2015 116
Tartu,Estonia to Riga, Latvia 17/10/2015 154
Riga, Estonia to Vilnius, Lithuania 19/10/2015 184
Vilnius, Lithuania to  Bialystok, Poland 21/10/2015 189
Bialystok to Warsaw 22/10/2015 120
Warsaw to Krakow 24/10/2015 186
Krakow, Poland to Prague, Czech Republic 26/10/2015 333
Prague, Czech Republic to Nuremberg, Germany 28/10/2015 186
Nuremberg, Germany to Luxemburg City, Luxembourg 29/10/2015 285
Luxemburg City, Luxembourg to Brussels, Belgium 30/10/2015 137
Brussels, Belgium to Calais, France (again!) 31/10/2015 124
Dover to Home 169

The route is around 18,720 miles and goes through 23 countries (a few more than once) and is nearly three quarters of the way around the globe!  The green bit is what we have done at the time of the update (15th July 2015)

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