Saturday, 28 June 2014

bouncing around - soon to be sorted

Been spending some time since my last post trying to decide what needs doing next and have decided that the suspension is pretty important as the rear suspension is currently shagged so it needs something doing to it.  I decided that since I needed to do something to the back I may as well just do the front suspension as well since the roads in a number of the countries I'll be going through leave a lot to be desired.

So, what's being done? I hear you ask.  The lot I say.  So, what's actually being done?  Well quite a lot actually. I'm going to need to make sure that the suspension is capable of dealing with unmade roads and so I'll need a fair bit of travel on the shocks whilst at the same time ensuring the weight of what we are going to need to be carrying don't over stretch the spring capabilities.  To this end I'm recruiting the help of John from JLH Morris Minor who do restorations and modifications to Morris Minors.

The upgrade John is proposing for the front suspension utilises 'weld-on' brackets, for additional structural strength to location areas, rather than relying on 'bolted-on' mounts which either apply different loadings to existing components or weaken the existing structure. The upgrade consists of a fully adjustable telescopic Avo gas damper mounted on a modified bottom arm which has a lower mounting pin welded to it. The top brackets are made from 3mm plate and offer a substantial upper mounting.

The rear suspension also uses Avo telescopic dampers but uses turreted dampers set into the rear floor and  should give me a decent travel to deal with the rough roads. Also turreting allows the fitting of wider wheels and tyres without fouling the dampers and keeps all the components within the chassis of the car.  Having the option for wider wheels maybe useful once I know more about the terrain and the roads.

Also to help with preventing tramping (twisting when bouncing around) John's suggested using a triangulated radius arm for anti-tramping but also to help axle location.   In addition to all of this the springs are going to be replaced with made to measure new ones to ensure that Albert can handle anything this adventure can throw at us.