Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Keeping track of us - Sorted

As you know dear reader it is not long before Sarah and I embark on our adventure with Albert.  To allow any of you with the slightest interest in knowing where we are at any given time a GPS tracker has been obtained and is going to allow near real-time tracking of our progress.

The tracker we have gone with is a Spot Gen3 which has an inbuilt GPS tracker that uses the Global GPS satellite system to determine our position which it then sends location information via the commercial satellite network to Google maps or the SPOT adventures website.

The tracker also  sends 'health' messaged via email or SMS to Hannah and Rachel as we reckon they will want to know that we are OK.  In the event of a major issue there's an SOS function with sends an alert to the  GEOS Rescue Coordination Center in the States who then will arrange a rescue (hopefully we won't need this).

SPOT Coverage Map
Coverage is extensive and covers pretty much all the countries we will be passing through.  At the moment I'm 'playing' with the various options for how you can track us.  The first is using the Spot shared page where we can share messages as well as the tracking information.   The alternative is to create a Spot adventure which allows us to add videos, photos and geo tag them using the tracking information.  I'll be testing these out once Albert is back with me and will let you know once we have decided which is best (may even do both).

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