Thursday, 21 May 2015

Packing - Sorted

So dear reader our departure date is rapidly approaching so over the last couple of weeks I've had some trial runs in packing to see how 'stuff' might fit in to Albert.  The main challenges have been to make sure we can take enough essential spares as well as the clothes kindly donated by the residents of Potton in addition to our camping gear and some changes of clothes so we don't smell too much and oh yes my medication of which there's quite a bit!

Car bits and bobs

Donated clothes and all our 'stuff'

1. Floors removed and ready to pack

First in is the inflatable jack which was lent to us by Roger who uses it as part of his off-roading this sits on top of the petrol tank.  The pump, half shafts (wrapped in carpet to reduce movement and protect the tank), spare inner tubes, tyre levers and tow ropes sit behind the tank.  The base of the original petrol tank contains spares, heat resistant hose for use as a snorkel if needed and a spare battery which is used to supply power for charging batteries, phones, ipads etc,

2. Jack, tow ropes and half shafts

3. Spares and secondary battery

4. Spares covered with MDF
The upper floor section is installed which holds the inflatable jack secure. Spares and the secondary battery are covered with a piece of MDF and a rubber mat before the first of two spare wheels, jump leads, oil, plastic sand mats and tool kit are stored.

5. Spare wheel, oil and tools

6. Floor sections installed

Floor sections are then installed above the first spare wheel and the second spare and 20 litre Jerry can are stored.  A shovel, compressor and chocks are stored in the spaces at the sides of the wheel and Jerry can.  Top floor sections are finally added to leave the space for storing our 'stuff'.
7. Second spare and Jerry can
8. Final floor sections added
All good so far.  All the essential car spares and support equipment has been stored safely and there is still some space in the wheels for other spares we still need to get.  So now for the donated clothes, camping gear and our kit.

9. Donated clothes go in first

Once the final floor sections have been added the first items in are two large containers of donated clothes which will be delivered to a couple of the SOS Children's Villages we will be visiting.

10. Drawer unit and medication
Next in is my medication, some donated sports kit, sleeping bags and a three draw unit containing utensils, knives, and small camping items such as purification tablets, fuel bottle for stove, storage containers etc.

Behind the drawer unit goes another 10 litres of petrol, large storage box, and our tents.
11. Sleeping bags and tents


12. 'Fridge', water and more petrol
Our 'fridge', which is powered from the secondary battery, follows and will be used to store some more medication as well as a little butter and milk.

A 25 litre water container also sits behind the drawer unit and will be filled when we get to desert areas where water maybe hard to get readily.

A collapsible kettle, lanterns and a medium storage container complete the set.

Camping stools, pots, stove and water filter are stored down the side of the drawer unit.  A bowl with crockery, cups and cloths and our kit bag go in before the final piece of the jigsaw which is the pull out table that sits in the frame below the top floor sections.

13. Camping stools, kit bag and table

Crunch time.  Would the doors close?  Yes!, Result! 

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