Saturday, 16 August 2014

campaign manager - sorted

For the last few weeks I've been trying to get some corporate sponsorship to help Sarah and me on our journey to Mongolia and back.  We are looking to try and get corporate sponsorship for 'stuff' we need and in return we would publicise their sponsorship of the challenge.

I have written a letter to GO Outdoors trying to get them to supply the essential camping equipment we are going to need but not heard anything at the moment.  I sent the letter at the beginning of August so probably need to give some time for this to get to the right person.

I've also tried some social media requests using Twitter but unfortunately nothing has come from this but I'm guessing that this is primarily because I haven't got the time to follow up Tweets and as Twitter is real time once a day has gone the tweet is forgotton :(

I may have not mentioned this before but Sarah and I want to do something for a charity in Mongolia and have made contact with the Lotus Children's Centre in Ulanbataar who started out helping vulnerable children but now focuses on ensuring that the children who have lived in care since they were babies have a good chance at life, so endeavour to support them until they can stand on their own two feet.  So in addition to corporate sponsorship we are looking for a couple of companies to donate 'stuff' such as children's shoes and sports equipment.  Have contacted Clarks and they have said they only support certain charities (standard blow off letter) so will need to follow this up.

The main problem I have come across is that work is getting in the way of this and since I can only chase things up over the weekend it is clear that I need some help with this.  My friend Mike O'Keefe's daughter Georgia has offered her services as our campaign manager.  Given that Georgia has won Young Business Person of the Year two years running, is training organisations such as the East Anglian Air Ambulance in the use of social media for fund raising and has more experience than an old fart like me in the use of social media I fair bit her arm off.

So Georgia is now creating a strategy for raising awareness of our challenge and hopefully we will start getting the corporate sponsorship and help we are looking for.