Saturday, 30 August 2014

the campaign begins

So, dear reader I know you are wondering what has been going on well this post is the first of a number  that will keep you up to date with the campaign preparations and how we are doing.  Georgia has started working on a strategy to use social media to help obtain some corporate sponsorship to assist with the funding of the trip by companies either donating 'stuff' we need or supplying funds to allow us (that's Sarah and me) buy consumables such as petrol while travelling there and back.

Anyway as I say Georgia is working on the strategy.  In the meantime, thanks to Albert, I've taken part in the ice bucket challenge (naked no less!) which resulted me donating to each of the charities we have been asked to support although that money doesn't count to our total.  I hope you enjoy the video and thanks to Paul Pibworth for his assistance (he directed and produced the video).

We have been thinking about fundraising events and have decided that our first event will be on Saturday the 24th of January.  In the afternoon we are going to celebrate Albert's 47th birthday as he was originally registered on the 25th of January 1968.  In the evening we are celebrating my 60th as I was born on the 27th in 1955 a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

The birthday events are going to be used to raise money for the St John's Hospice in Moggerhanger and while we are still planning what's going to actually happen on the day we have arranged for a venue (The Coach House in Potton) and entertainment supplied by Two Vocal in the evening.  Some of the ideas that have been suggested are people recreating Driving in my car by Madness but with Albert in the starring role.

Finally, if anyone reading this knows someone in a position within a company who would be willing to help us then give me their details and I'll get in touch.  In return for sponsorship we will make sure that they get as much exposure as we can give them which will include Albert sporting their logo so that everyone will know who has helped us achieve our goal.