Saturday, 3 October 2015

Homeward bound - From Russia with Love

Well dear reader we are now on our way home and have left Mongolia and Russia behind us.  Our journey home started with a short drive from Ulanbataar to Altanbulag and the Russian border.  From there we have travelled nearly 4,500 miles across Russia to Estonia.

The first part of our Journey was nearly 4,000 miles from the border to Moscow and was essentially nine days of hard driving.  We passed through large expanses of forest all of which were changing to the fabulous reds and yellows of autumn.  We passed by Lake Baikal on our way to Ulan Ude and Irkutsk but other than these cities there was little else to see before arriving in Moscow.

We arrived in Moscow absolutely shattered but had already planned to spend some time here while Albert had his starter motor replaced and the clutch sorted out.  Sarah had done a sterling job bump starting him for the last five days of our drive to Moscow.

We arrived on a bright and sunny Monday morning and once Albert was with the garage spent our time making the most of it and looking around this fantastic city.  Also as we were in Moscow we had to go to the ballet at the Bolshoi and were lucky enough to get tickets to see Giselle.  This was awesome and something we will remember for a long time to come!

There was so much to see in the city that these photos are but a small sample of the places we went to see.  We walked miles looking around and I will post more photos on an online album when we get home.

While in Moscow we also saw the opening of the International Festival of Light which was extraordinary.  Light was used to 'paint' the buildings and we were lucky to be here at this time.

After a fabulous week in Moscow where the weather was unseasonally warm (24degrees) and beautifully sunny we left on a wet and windy day to head towards St Petersburg our final port of call in Russia.

Unlike Moscow St Petersburg was wet, windy and overcast but nevertheless we had a lovely couple of days looking around.  This city is the polar opposite to Moscow.  Less frenetic and with a more 'cosy' feel than Moscow.  The canals within the city also give it a Venice like feel.

Once again we left on a wet and miserable day but nonetheless we said a fond farewell to Russia as we started our journey back into Europe and the last leg of our adventure.

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